It is already 2019. Let that sink in for a moment! Time keeps on ticking. The days keep on moving forward.

Have you made any resolutions for 2019? I have. Or at least, I’ve made some resolutions. I still have more I’d like to come up with.

Here are the resolutions I have thus far:

  1. Read 26 books.
  2. Memorize a book from the Old Testament and the New Testament
  3. Write a personal commentary on an Old Testament book and a New Testament book.
  4. Master (focus more attention upon) one fruit of the Spirit.
  5. Begin writing a book.

It doesn’t look like much of a list, does it? If you were to compare it, though, to the one I made last year (Consider Your Ways) this current list is pretty short. The reason this year’s list is so short is that many of the resolutions I made in 2018 are resolutions I’m still pursuing! And I’ve learned that I need to dial back my ambitions, just a little!

Reading 26 Books

So, what books am I reading this year? Here is my 2019 Reading List:

You’ll notice that some of these books were on my list last year. That’s due to the fact that I didn’t complete all the books I wanted to read in 2018! So, they made the list this year. In 2019, I hope to stick closer to my list. Last year, I deviated from the list too much! Maybe my list will inspire some of you to read one or two of the books I’ll be reading.

Memorizing Two Books of the Bible

What books of the Bible do I plan on memorizing? Well, from the Old Testament, I plan on memorizing Micah. From the New Testament, I plan on memorizing 1 John. I chose those two books because last year I memorized Jonah and Titus, two books that total less than 50 verses each. In 2019, I wish to stretch myself to memorize two books over 100 verses, which Micah and 1 John fulfill. What will you be memorizing this year?

Writing Two Commentaries

When it comes to writing commentaries on books of the Bible, I will be writing one on Micah and one on 1 John. I chose those two books because I’m already memorizing them, so why not write about them!

I don’t know what type of commentary either one will be. I’ve tossed around the idea of a devotional type commentary or preaching commentary for myself! Tell me what you think.

Mastering a Fruit of the Spirit

I came up with this idea late last year but thought I’d apply it to my life in 2019. I wish to master a fruit of the Spirit, namely, self-control. When I say “master” I do not mean completely master. That would require more than a lifetime to do. So, what I do mean is that I wish to place more effort into being self-controlled. Like all the fruit of the Spirit, self-control touches all sphere’s of life. From eating to fasting. From working to resting. From watching TV to reading. I need to place more effort toward this particular fruit!

Begin Writing a Book

When I say “begin”, I literally mean begin. I have no idea what to write about. I have no idea how to write a book either. But, I do know I wish to write a book, so I want to start the process this year. I probably won’t have the opportunity to publish it, or self-publish it, this year.

If you have any advice on what to write about, how to write a book, or even how to publish/self-publish a book I would love to hear from you!

To Be Continued

Like I said earlier, this small list isn’t all the resolutions I’d like to commit myself to in 2019, but they are a start. I hope they spark ideas in your minds and encourage your hearts to grow this year!

6 thoughts on ““You Say You Want a Resolution”

  1. It looks like quite a list to me. My first goal is to learn to live one day at a time learning to walk in the Spirit. If I get that one, I’ll move( and hopefully carry the first one with me) to the next.As you can see, I’m not really a resolution person other than to renew myself in the Lord daily and follow Him. But i will enjoy seeing how you come along with yours,

    Liked by 1 person

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