For Americans, it’s election day. The day where the American citizens hit the polls and vote for state and local governing officials across the country. No doubt if you are an American you have had your fill of politics for a while! TV ads, mail flyers, and posters seem to be endlessly advertising some politician or agenda.

In this season of politics and on this election day, I want those of us who are Christians to ponder something important:

Are you more vocal and public about voting or who to vote for than you are about sharing the gospel with your neighbors and publically professing your faith in Christ?

I can honestly tell you that I know of more Christians who seem to care more about sharing their political views than those who care about sharing their faith. They know all the issues that will be on the ballot. They know who they are voting for and will make sure others know about who they are voting for. They may even try their hardest to convince someone to vote for a particular candidate. Yet, it never ceases to amaze me that they won’t publically share the gospel with a neighbor, a co-worker, a friend, or even a family member.

So, not to make you feel guilty or anything, but I do want you to really think about this, dear Christian. Yes, I think you should be somewhat vocal and involved in politics. But, which kingdom do you care about more? Man’s or God’s?

As Christians, we need to keep our priorities straight. So, go out an vote for the candidate of your choice according to your conscience. Advocate for the values you cherish.

But please, please be more vocal about the Lord Jesus Christ and His kingdom. Christian, you are Christ’s representative here on Earth. So, share His gospel. Proclaim His life, death, and resurrection. Be a vocal representative of what Christ has done for you and anyone who will believe His gospel. Display the Savior’s love, mercy, grace, and kindness to those around you.

Be Christ’s ambassador.

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