To those of you who have been regular readers of my posts, you may have noticed I’ve been on a very long holiday from blogging. Actually, it wasn’t much of a holiday. It was an extremely busy season of ministry, to say the least! It was a season that left me little time to think creatively in this way in order to put all my time toward other things. This busy season is still presently taking place, but I am seeing a slight reprieve in my workload.

So, with this slight reprieve, I thought I’d write a little and update you on what’s been going on with me!

This past Summer, I had hoped to accomplish a lot of reading! You may remember my reading list: What I’m Reading from back in June. I was able to make substantial progress in this list, but overall I am far behind in my 2018 reading list! Yet, at the same time, I have done a lot more reading of books that are not on my list… For instance, I picked up reading some Star Wars novels that I have thoroughly enjoyed!

I also finished preaching through my series in the book of Titus to my church. That also means I have memorized the entire book of Titus! I used the same process that I used when I memorized the book of Jonah. Currently, I am working at writing out memory cards for the Gospel of Mark. That’s right! I am going to memorize the Gospel of Mark next! This will be a huge challenge, but I am ready for it!

I have felt myself become a little unorganized during this season too. So, I took it upon myself to begin “Bullet Journaling”. This has tremendously helped me become more organized and learn how to accomplish all my tasks in a timely fashion!

So far this Fall has given me a wonderful chance to teach the Adult Sunday School class at church. For the past year or so we have been making our way book-by-book through the Bible. This Sunday, I will be wrapping up the book of Joshua and we will be moving on to Judges!

The future is unknown to me as of right now. I know that is true for everyone, but most people have a sense of what is coming in the near future for them. They have a secure job, a steady income, and an established family. I on the other hand, along with my wife, are in uncharted territory. My internship at my church is coming to a close in the near future, which means a whole lot of uncertainty for my church, my wife, and myself!

Perhaps you’ll see some posts in the near future of how I’ve dealt with this looming uncertainty. But, for now, let me leave you with a verse I’ve had to learn to cling to:

“Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him.”

-Psalm 37:7


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