I like to share Spurgeon’s daily devotionals a lot here. But, today I want to share a hymn that he closed his devotional with for today’s reading. Charles Spurgeon wrote his devotional on 1 John 4:19, “We love him because he first loved us.” At the end he quoted this lovely hymn:

1 I love my God, but with no love of mine,
For I have none to give;
I love Thee, Lord, but all the love is Thine,
For by Thy life I live:
I am as nothing, and rejoice to be
Emptied, and lost, and swallow’d up in Thee.

2 Thou, Lord, alone art all Thy children need,
And there is none beside:
From Thee the streams of blessedness proceed,
In Thee the blest abide:
Fountain of life,
And all-abounding grace,
Our Source, our Centre, and our Dwelling-place.

The words were originally written by Madame Guyon (and as best I can tell, in the early 1700s). More can be read about her here: Madame Guyon


And if you want to hear the music, but with slightly different lyrics:


It is a wonderful hymn that highlights the true source of our love. If we love God at all it is only because He first loved us!

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