Fresh off the mic, a brand new podcast! I need your help though. Drop a comment below, or email me at, new ideas for a better intro and topics that I should discuss in future podcasts.

P.S.– You’ll be better off if you listen to this podcast on a computer, where you can track the time. For whatever reason, the mobile version doesn’t show the progress bar although you can still listen to it.


2 thoughts on “Podcast 1.1– Fresh Off the Mic

  1. I’m glad I caught this. I was made to think of Col 3:8 where Paul says covetousness(wanting more than what God has given or as you put it using what He has given for our own purposes) is idolatry. I do have one suggestion for your pod cast. For the benefit of us visual learners, it would be nice if you videoed your self as you speak. That may be something completely different than a pod cast but if not I think it would be a nice addition.

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