It’s been awhile (again)! I didn’t plan on taking a break from blogging, but that is what happened. Life caught up with me and the responsibilities of ministry made it difficult to write let alone think of new content to blog!

However, I hope to be back now. I believe I’ve come up with a better way to handle the busy schedule I have. I’ve contemplated “podcasting” here as well to make it a little easier for me to post more often, so perhaps you can look forward to some audio clips in the future.

Until then, here is a short update on me since I last posted:

  • Acquired two books to review
  • Started a new sermon series in Titus
    • Preached 3 sermons from Titus so far
  • About to start reading “The Pilgrim’s Progress” with the Men’s Bible Study I lead
  • About to finish teaching Exodus to the Teen Sunday School Class this Sunday, June 3rd
  • Have almost memoried the whole book of Titus (just 4 verses left to memorize).

I am sure there is much more to update you on, but this is all my worn out brain can recall! I hope this post finds each of you well.

In Christ,


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