Long time, no see! Besides the one book review a few days ago it has been awhile since I last made a post! This has been due to work and due to laziness. It has been a busy winter/spring!

Today I wanted to give an update on my memory work for 2018! If you remember, I made a commitment to memorizing the book of Jonah plus one other Old Testament book and one New Testament book.

Well, I have one sermon left to preach in the book of Jonah. I should have been done preaching from Jonah last Sunday, but with the snow storm that socked Minnesota, my church was canceled. This means that my memory work for Jonah is about to end. Since January, I have had the whole book of Jonah memorized. The past couple of months have been months of reviewing verses to keep them fresh as I preached through the book.

A ways back I decided that my next sermon series, after Jonah, would be from the New Testament. At the time there were only a few books that hadn’t been preached on for a while, weren’t too long, and were actually relevant for my church. The list consisted of Philippians, 1 Thessalonians, 1 Timothy, 1 Peter, or Titus. There were a few books that didn’t quite make the cut due to them being books that would force a slower/methodical series (i.e. Galatians). After narrowing the list down I landed on Titus.

Titus Memory Verses

So, Titus will be the New Testament book that I will memorize for 2018 as I preach from it. As with Jonah, the goal is to at least have the text of my current sermon memorized and ready to recite during the sermon. But, it would be better to have the whole book memorized long before the halfway point of the series.


Titus will be a tricky book to memorize. Although it is only 46 verses, 2 verses shorter than Jonah, it is an epistle. Not only that, but Titus is an epistle written by Paul. Paul can be hard to memorize as his train of thought can be sporadic and have many bunny trails. However, I look forward to the challenge and anticipate it being very beneficial!

What verses, passages, or books of Scripture are you currently memorizing or are hoping to memorize?

4 thoughts on “Memory Work

  1. Isaiah would be a good size challenge! I admire your desire to commit the word to memory. That’s one place I fall short. I know where to find most of what I’m looking for but to have it memorized I don’t.


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