The Pilgrim's Progress devotional


Title– The Pilgrim’s Progress: Experience the Spiritual Classic Through 40 Days of Daily Devotions (Release Date: June 1st, 2018)

Author– Devotions by Harold Myra, original story by John Bunyan

Publisher– Discovery House Publishers

Pages– 272

Genre– Christian, Religion & Spirituality

Rating– 5/5


What a timely read! It was only a few weeks ago when I thought to myself, “I need to reread The Pilgrim’s Progress.” So, imagine my reaction when I saw The Pilgrim’s Progress appear on NetGalley available for review! I then noticed that this wasn’t just the book written by John Bunyan, nor was it just an updated modern version of the story, but it was two books in one: a 40-day devotional walking through the story of The Pilgrim’s Progress and the actual book itself.

Obviously, this book was a no-brainer! I devoured every page as if it were my favorite candy. Harold Myra, the author of the 40-day devotional did a marvelous job with this book. For 40 days you can read through The Pilgrim’s Progress and each day read a short devotional by Myra. Each devotional includes a small excerpt from the reading that day and a well-written application for the Christian today.

I applaud the author’s use of Scripture in each daily devotion. It can be too easy to sidestep the necessary and hard passages of the Bible in order to use the “feel good” passages in a devotional. But, Harold Myra handled the Word of God accurately and applicationally (a word I am probably making up)! Not to mention the author does a fantastic job interpreting Bunyan’s well-loved classic.

If you have ever read The Pilgrim’s Progress before, I think you will find this 40 day devotional to be valuable and helpful in your Christian walk while viewing a Christian favorite in a different way. If you’ve never read Bunyan’s classic, this devotional would be a great place to become acquainted with it! You will find that it is easy to read, has insightful comments about the text, and most of all this book presents simple truths to apply.

When this book hits the shelves on June 1st, 2018 I will for sure add it to my own collection to read yearly! Spurgeon apparently read The Pilgrim’s Progress at least 100 times in his life. What a worthy goal to pursue!

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