Good Friday. A day when the world looks at Christians and the Church and asks, “Why are you celebrating the death of a man?”

So, why do we remember such an event and carve out a whole day to reflect on such a gruesome death?

This song/hymn has a good answer to this question. Because of sin, there is a penalty: death (Rom. 6:23a). Mankind, in their sin, could not pay the debt they owed due to sin and cleanse themselves from their sin (Rom. 3:10–18). Mankind couldn’t and cannot measure up to the holy standards of God because of sin (Rom. 3:23). Now, God could pay mankind’s debt for sin, but He did not owe it and therefore didn’t have to do anything for mankind. Yet, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, took on human flesh, fully God and fully man. He obediently left His Father’s side and according to the definite plan and foreknowledge of God, He lived a perfect life of righteousness for mankind and paid the debt for mankind’s sin on the cross (Acts 2:23; Rom. 6:23b).

See the Destined Day Arise is a song that looks to the cross and the finished work of Christ. From the lyrics, the worshipper may visualize the crucified Savior hanging from the tree bearing the wrath of God for sin. We can see that he was slain for us and is indeed the finished sacrifice for sin. Because of this sacrifice, all believers can one day gather around the throne giving Christ all the blessing, honor, glory, and might! Hallelujah! Jesus Christ, we praise your name!

See the Destined Day Arise

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