The weather terrorists struck again this weekend. Last Wednesday, the forecast for this past weekend was calling for 12–16 inches of snow. Normally this would not bother me too much, but this past weekend happened to be traveling to the annual book sale at my alma mater! So, with the weather in mind, my wife and I made arrangements to stay a night in a hotel the night before the sale in order to be safe from the coming storm…

Except, there was no storm in that area that day. We anxiously watched the weather updates on the local TV news stations, we prayed for safety on the roads, and we were going to cut our visit shorter than usual. But alas, the predicted 12–16 inches turned into a few minutes of flurries that didn’t even amount to a dusting…

So, I felt like we wasted money on a hotel room when I could have put that money towards more books!

Anyway, the book sale was good this year. Although I didn’t really walk away with the amazing finds I thought I would. Nevertheless, here are the gems that I did find:

  • The Chronicles of Narnia (the complete set in great condition) for $0.25 a book totaling $1.75! I looked at a local bookstore later that day and they were selling the series for $55! What a steal!
  • A 20 Volume set of the works of Charles Dickens for $5. From what I can find online, this set is worth anywhere between $100–$200!
  • A partial set of The Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers for $5. The complete set is worth almost $200 or even up to $700 depending on the series.
  • Many New Testament commentaries and a few Old Testament commentaries.
  • Two biographies on C.S. Lewis
  • A good handful of Christian Living books as well.

I also purchased about a dozen books for my parents, but all in all the haul was only $26 and some odd cents!

So, was the $69 hotel room and anxiety over the storm worth it? Absolutely! While it may not have been what I had been hoping for, it was a pretty good collection of books this year.

The next problem I have is to find space on my bookshelves…

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