Have you ever had a week where technology goes completely haywire for you? Well, this week is one of those weeks for me.

My MacBook Pro of 6 years is on the brink of death. Now, I understand that 6 years is a decent age for a laptop these days. In fact, 6 years might be the retirement age of most laptops! So, I was not surprised in the least to find that my computer completely shut down yesterday by itself. I was surprised though, to find that once I restarted it it had deleted everything on my hard drive….

I was not a happy camper. Most of my life’s work is on this computer (Including all my sermons/sermon prep. work)!

I quickly rebooted and restored it, which took about 3 hours. Unfortunately, my last backup was from January 2018. So, guess what! The last two months of my life have been deleted. Whisked away. Kidnapped. Never to be seen again!

After getting everything back up to speed, so to speak, I was thankful I didn’t lose everything. But, alas, there be demons at work and today my computer did the exact same thing. Except for this time, I can’t get it to restore at all. It won’t read my hard drive. It won’t read my external backup. Nothing.

With no way to restore or retrieve what I have lost on that computer with it not reading my backup storage device, I believe it is time to lay it to rest.

I am sending it to the “Farm”. You know, that place where old laptops go when they get old and can hang out with all their laptop friends, eat all the storage they want, don’t have to worry about battery life, and can update to their hard drive’s content? Or maybe I am confusing this with dogs….

The good news from all of this is that I don’t preach this Sunday. If I did, I would be more upset than I am! Thankfully, this wasn’t during the week leading up to Easter when I do need a computer to prepare my sermon to preach!

Anyways, it seems that a new device is in my future. That is if the demons don’t get to it before I do.

6 thoughts on “There Be Demons

  1. I think these machines are made for planned obsolescence. It seems they don’t last more than 5 or years. I better be quiet or mine will fall off the tracks too. I feel your pain, brother. I lost a year’s work on a novel I was writing recently. Most of it is still in my head, but the words have been lost forever. I’ve been wisely advised by husband, that I’ll probably write an even better novel in the future.

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  2. I think I might have a hard copy too, but it’s buried in an unopened box, packed away in our garage. We’re still unpacking after a year and a half. Glad you have yours.

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  3. That’s kind of scary. My laptop is now 8 yrs old. Maybe I should take warning and be sure to back up everything. I am sorry for your loss but maybe it will save me. I hope that helps to know something good may come of it?

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