[Warning: Pun ahead!] I feel like I haven’t posted since last year! Ok, now that the obligatory pun is out of the way…. It is that time of year again to make changes in our lives! Although making resolutions and promising to keep them should be a continual process throughout the year, it is a tradition to set forth some big resolutions at the beginning of the new year. So, I am sure many of you have already committed yourselves to keeping various kinds of resolutions in 2018 and I will share some of mine in the near future. But, today, I wish to share with you my reading list for 2018.

Now, in 2017 I resolved myself to read 56 or so odd books. You can look at my 2017 list here: 2017 Reading List. I added quite a few books to that list because I started doing book reviews for various publishers and some books on the list were too agonizing to read, which allowed me to replace or add more interesting books to the list. All in all, I believe I read somewhere between 22 and 30 books, not counting books required for seminary. Needless to say, I didn’t hit my goal!

This year in 2018, I plan on cutting down my 2017 list number of 56+ books down to a more manageable number. I have allotted myself 40 books that I will try my hardest to read this year. Some of those books will consist of books I did not read on my list from 2017 and most of the others are books I have never read before or haven’t read in some time. The only exception might be one or two books I really loved reading last year and wished to read them again!

So, I plan on reading the 40 books listed below for sure but have given myself room to add books that I will review or other books I may have time for. As you will notice, those of you who checked out my 2017 list, the 2018 list has way more fiction books in it than last year. I think this will make the list more manageable this year and allow me room to relax my brain instead of always having to think theologically!

If you are curious where I came up with my list you can check out Tim Challies blog and see that he posted his 2018 Christian Reading Challenge earlier in December as he has before in years past. He provides a cool graphic version or a plain PDF to print off for your own reading plan. You can check out his Reading Challenge here: 2018 Christian Reading Challenge.

Here is my list of 40 books I will read in 2018:Challies Book Description page 1.jpg

Challies Book Description pg 2

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