I love the traditional Christmas hymns. That is why I began this mini-series for the Hymn of the Day focused on Christmas hymns this Advent Season: Hymn of the Day: Joy to the WorldHymn of the Day: O Come, O Come, EmmanuelHymn of the Day: Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence. But, I also love hymns that are rewritten. Hymns that have been so familiar that when sung often enough we forget the meaning of the lyrics. So, when Sovereign Grace Music came out with a new Christmas album in 2014 (Prepare Him Room) I was interested in what they did to a Christmas classic, O Holy Night.

Over the years, I have not grown fond of the hymn O Holy Night. This is mostly due to a comedian who sang the song purposefully bad and it is now the only version stuck in my head. But, when I recently heard Sovereign Grace’s version with revamped lyrics I couldn’t help but love the hymn!

Regardless of how I feel about the original hymn, I do love a good backstory. So, the backstory to the original O Holy Night might have persuaded me to think again about my feelings for the hymn. I encourage you to watch this video on the backstory of the original hymn, then you can watch a music video for the original O Holy Night, and finally, I highly recommend you watch the Sovereign Grace version (which has different lyrics!).

The backstory you need to watch:

And if you enjoyed Peter Hollens in my previous post, here is him singing O Holy Night:

And my new favorite version of this hymn:

Most of you know the original lyrics/music to O Holy Night, so I want to share the sheet music for Sovereign Grace version today!

o_holy_night-rec_c-lead page 1

o_holy_night-rec_c-lead page 2.jpg

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