Portraits of a Pastor

Title- Portraits of a Pastor: The 9 Essential Roles of a Church Leader

General Editor- Jason K. Allen

Contributing Authors- Danny Akin, Jason G. Duesing, Ronnie Floyd, Christian T. George, Owen Strachan, Don Whitney, Jared C. Wilson, and John Mark Yeats

Publisher- Moody Publishers

Genre- Church & Ministry/ Pastoral Help/ Leadership

Pages- 192

Rating- 5/5


How many hats should a pastor wear? How involved should a pastor be in his church? What exactly should be expected of a pastor? These questions and more are addressed in Portraits of a Pastor. With the help of 8 contributors, Jason K. Allen provides a helpful resource for any aspiring pastor, a new pastor, long-time pastor, a pastor’s family, church members, or really any Christian plugged into a local church!

Many people know how difficult the pastor’s role is, but do they know what he should be doing? Does the pastor know what he should be doing? Portraits of a Pastor spells out 9 essential roles every church leader should occupy:

  1. Pastor as Shepherd
  2. Pastor as Husband and Father
  3. Pastor as Preacher
  4. Pastor as Theologian
  5. Pastor as Church Historian
  6. Pastor as Evangelist
  7. Pastor as Missionary
  8. Pastor as Leader
  9. Pastor as Man of God

These roles should be the different “hats” that a pastor wears. At the very least, nothing less than these!

Each chapter is divided into the 9 different roles and fleshes out what each role means for a pastor. Many of these roles seem like obvious roles for a pastor, like Pastor as Shepherd (I mean that is what pastor literally means!), Pastor as Preacher, Pastor as Leader, or Pastor as Man of God. But, there were some on this list that was not so obvious, like Pastor as Theologian or Church Historian. When you think of a pastor those two usually do not come to mind, but the contributing authors of each of these two roles do a fascinating job to argue the value of these roles.

Regardless of whether or not you are a pastor, I believe this book has much to offer you. Portraits of a Pastor has significantly improved my vision as to what a pastor should do and what is required of them. Being a pastor is not an easy task, but this book can certainly ease the anxiety of any aspiring pastor (like myself), a new pastor, a seasoned pastor, or even a pastor’s congregation.

I highly recommend anyone to pick this book up and give it a slow read. Digest every chapter, pray earnestly for yourself (if you are a pastor) or for your pastor, and allow God to use Portraits of a Pastor for your benefit! I cannot commend this book enough to you!

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