Panacea- a remedy for all ills or difficulties. Synonyms- cure-all, elixir, antidote, a universal cure.

Is there such thing as a panacea, a cure-all, in this world? Does it exist? Can it exist? I would like to argue that it does. Although, it doesn’t exist in the way we usually think of a universal remedy. Typically, we imagine a panacea to be an immediate cure for all problems, pain, illnesses, or hardships. But, the panacea that I wish to present to you might not bring immediate relief from physical problems. However, it most definitely brings an immediate cure to other problems. Eventually, this cure-all will resolve any other problem a person may have as well. Whether these problems be physical inabilities, constant pain, heartache, suffering, cancer, and any other problems a person may face in this life will be resolved in the future.

The panacea that I am referring to is not a drug, an object, or wishful thinking. The cure-all that this world needs is not a what, but a who. I am talking about Jesus Christ, the God-man, who left all his divine prerogatives as he left his throne to come to this earth to live a perfect life as a man and to die a perfect sacrificial death in the place of sinners for their sin. The cure-all that we need is found in Christ alone.

This reminds me of a well-known hymn. A hymn that I’d venture to guess is known by most Christians. Nothing But the Blood of Jesus.

This text was written by Robert Lowry in 1876, shortly after he became pastor of a Baptist church in Plainfield, New Jersey, where he lived the rest of his life. It was first published in that year in Gospel Hymns by William H. Doane and Lowry, with Hebrews 9:22 quoted underneath the title.

There were originally six stanzas, but typically only the first four are sung today. The two that are not used begin “Now by this I’ll overcome” and “Glory! Glory! This I sing.” The theme of the text is the redemptive work of Christ on the cross, seen through the image of His shed blood. The stanzas express the need for redemption from sin, and the matchless value of Jesus’s redeeming blood.

Christ’s sinless life, his substitutionary death on the cross, and his resurrection provide humanity with the panacea, the cure-all, to all our problems. Through Christ, sin is forgiven, dealt with, and put to death. Through Christ, mankind can be reconciled to God by grace through faith. Through Christ, we have a certain hope that one day there will be no more pain, tears, death, or sin. Certainly, he is the best and only cure-all!

nothing but the blood.jpg

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