A couple of weeks ago I posted about memorizing Scripture. If you are curious about those posts: A Healthy Challenge and Methods For Memory

Today, I want to check-up on you! Consider me your accountability partner, except I wouldn’t be the best due to distance and such. So, how are you doing? Have you picked your passage yet? How long is it? 2 verses? 3? 9? A whole chapter?

Maybe you are struggling to find that “perfect” passage. I encourage you to pick passages that are familiar. Passages that are usually misinterpreted might be a good place to start as well. For example, work on memorizing Jeremiah 29 since verse 11 is so readily used by high school and college graduates. You could also choose a very familiar verse like John 3:16 and attempt to memorize the surrounding verses in John 3 to understand Jesus’ argument! Really, the choices are almost limitless when it comes to Scripture.

Well, enough of me getting on you about this big task. I should update you on how I am doing. I told you all that I had chosen the book of Jonah to memorize. It is only 48 verses and it happens to be the text I am preaching from currently. I had initially wanted to memorize this book by the end of December, which I think I can still do. However, I am going slightly slower than I had first wanted to go! Last Friday I had all of Jonah chapter 1 memorized!

But, this week has been a weird week. There is construction going on at my church (redoing bathrooms), which means I have taken about 10 books from my office to work from home. My routine is utterly messed up! Add to this construction going on outside my home office window for the past 2 days and you have a very off week (They seem to be residing the whole apartment complex, which makes it very loud on the walls!). So, I should be on verse 4 or 5 of chapter 2, but I haven’t even touched it yet. Instead, I have been reviewing chapter 1 to keep me fresh amidst all the chaos.

So, don’t worry if your plan has fallen apart already if you have started memorizing. That’s what human plans do often times. But, don’t use that as an excuse to give up! We have the glorious task of memorizing the glorious Word! To quote a line from a favorite movie of mine (Galaxy Quest), “Never give up. Never surrender.” Keep on keeping on!

5 thoughts on “A Check-Up

  1. Yeah, I’ve been trying to memorize Hebrews 12 since 2015. I have had very little routine in my life so it’s been hard to establish firm habits. Time to get back into it! Thanks for the encouragement!

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  2. By the way, thanks for your comment on my post this morning. 😊

    Unfortunately, as I was attempting to reply on my cell phone, I must have hit a wrong button and it ended up deleting your comment instead of replying to it. I honestly don’t know how it even happened. I apologize for my phone and my misplaced typing and want you to know I appreciated what you said. Thanks for taking the time to visit!

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