Today’s hymn doesn’t have a robust background story other than that the writer of this hymn was Isaac Watts. If you have been following my blog for some time you may have seen a few of his hymns pop up now and again. Recently, I have been digging into the hymnal used in Spurgeon’s church, as most of you know, and have been attempting to put those older hymns to music. The three previous hymns that I have posted (Hymn of the Day: The Fading Leaf, Hymn of the Day: All Due to Grace, and Hymn of the Day: All For Us) were put to familiar hymn tunes by myself.

However, today’s hymn is unique. It is unique in that while Isaac Watts penned the words in 1709, I actually wrote my own music for the lyrics this morning. Now, before you pat me on the back, you should know that this is a simple “hymn”. By simple, I mean it only has one stanza.

Because this hymn is only one stanza, I attempted to put Isaac Watts’ lyrics to music that sounded more “doxology” like. In fact, Watts himself I believe intended for this to be a doxology. The original music for this hymn didn’t sound much like music for a doxology, which is why I wrote my own!

So, there you have it. No robust background. And I believe it is better that way. It directs the attention to the subject of the lyrics rather than the author and composer. A doxology is after all all about giving glory to God!

I have no way of getting a “music video” of this doxology yet since this is fresh off the press, so if you have a piano, you can clunk out the notes yourself or whatever suits your abilities!

Triune God.jpg

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