Yesterday, I shared with you an old hymn text which I attempted to put to familiar music. It seems like that went over well! If you missed it you can view that here: Hymn of the Day: All Due to Grace.

So, I decided to take another hymn from “Our Own Hymn Book” and put the lyrics to familiar music. This hymn already has a tune and I can post that sometime in the near future, but I wanted to fiddle around with it a little.

This hymn is entitled All For Us, in Spurgeon’s hymnal, and also known by the first line “Great High Priest, we view Thee stooping.” I put the lyrics to the tune of Here is Love to make the lyrics easier to learn. This way, when I eventually post the original music it might be easier to read too!

This hymn focuses on Jesus first in the garden of Gethsemane. His heart is heavy-laden because of the task set before him; he is going to suffer and die for sin. There is pictured in the first stanza, angels weeping as they view Jesus in such as the state. “How is it that our Maker is agonizing?”, they wondered. The answer as to why the Maker of heaven and earth would be agonizing is “all for us.” Jesus was agonizing over his impending death, which was for helpless sinners.

Stanza two now pictures the Savior on the cross. His body broken, which was a sufficient payment for sin. There is no other sacrifice that can be offered to God and satisfy the penalty for sin. All is finished at the cross, do not doubt it! Believe the crucified Lord. Take Him at His word.

The last stanza, stanza three, is more like a cry to God from those sinners who look at Christ’s sacrifice. This is what the sinner’s response is to be if they take the Savior at His Word. God gifts them belief in His Son and repentance from sin. O Marvelous Grace!



Here is the tune to Here is Love if you are not familiar with it!

And the original lyrics by Joseph Hart:


297 All for us

1 GREAT High Priest, we view Thee stooping,
With our names upon Thy breast,
In the garden, groaning, drooping,
To the ground with horrors press’d.
Weeping angels stood confounded
To behold their Maker thus;
And can we remain unwounded,
When we know ’twas all for us?

2 On the cross Thy body broken
Cancels every penal tie;
Tempted souls, produce this token,
All demands to satisfy.
All is finish’d; do not doubt it;
But believe your dying Lord;
Never reason more about it;
Only take Him at His word.

3 Lord, we fain would trust Thee solely;
’Twas for us Thy blood was spilt,
Bruisèd Bridegroom, take us wholly;
Take and make us what Thou wilt.
Thou hast borne the bitter sentence
Past on man’s devoted race;
True belief and true repentance
Are Thy gifts, Thou God of Grace.

Joseph Hart, 1759.


Spurgeon, C. H. (1883). Our Own Hymn Book: A Collection of Psalms and Hymns for Public, Social and Private Worship. London: Passmore & Alabaster.

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