One of the key influential resources I use daily is Spurgeon’s devotional book, Morning and Evening. I have shared quite a few pages from that devotional already on my site. I have found another influential “set” of resources that I go to at least a few times a week. It is actually a whole website dedicated to Charles H. Spurgeon, which can be found at This site has so many works penned by Spurgeon. It could take a month or more, 8 hours a day or more, to even sift through all of his sermons! On top of that, there is a blog written by various people about Spurgeon on the same site! I found one of the blog posts to be most intriguing. It is entitled: 13 Spurgeon Tips for Making the Most of Your Life. You can view the whole post by clicking the link or you can just read the 13 tips below. However, I think you’d find the introduction and the conclusion fascinating at the original site!

1. Don’t waste your mornings.

“[Spurgeon] had been known to begin as early as four o’clock in the morning, when very busy.”

“It is so sweet every morning for the hands to do a little that they could not do yesterday, and for the feet to be able to walk a yard or two farther than a few days ago.”

2. Don’t waste your pain.

“Our winter is making ready for our summer.”

“You will not only hold your hope — that is your duty, but your hope will hold you — that is your privilege.”

“A dying man is needed to raise dying men. I cannot believe that you will ever pluck a brand from the burning, without putting your hand near enough to feel the heat of the fire.”

3. Don’t waste your energy.

“Where there has been little sweat there will be little sweet.”

“Stick to it and succeed.”

“It is not so much our business to be weeding other people’s gardens as to keep our own vineyard.”

4. Don’t waste your emotions.

“O beloved, did you ever did try to grasp the thought that God loves you? Whenever I try at it, it brings the tears into my eyes and I can go no farther.”

“I hope so long as I live there will always be a straight road from my heart to my mouth, and that I shall be able to preach whatever I believe in my soul.”

5. Don’t waste your sin.

“In reforming any wrong habits, no time is like the present. Sin grows stronger by age. Do it now, says he, and backs it with fear of death. Sin must not be endured. Out with the traitor.”

6. Don’t waste your intellect.

“As with tens of thousands, my first acquaintance with Mr. Spurgeon was through his books.”

“To us it seemed that there was no great book, or noted writer of ancient or modern times [Spurgeon] was not acquainted with.”

7. Don’t waste your work.

“While we live let us live. There are no two lives accorded us on earth. If we build not now, the fabric can never be built. If now we spin not, the garment will never be woven. Work while ye live, and live while ye work.”

“The other evening I was riding home after a heavy day’s work; I felt very wearied and sore depressed, when swiftly and suddenly as a lightning flash that text came to me, “My grace is sufficient for thee.”

8. Don’t waste your talent.

“If you cannot preach, you can pray. If you cannot pray aloud, you can plead with God in secret. There are many who cannot preach, but who can give; and there are others, who cannot give, who, nevertheless, can speak a word here and there for the Lord Jesus Christ. There are plenty of weapons waiting for you if you have a mind to wield them.”

9. Don’t waste your sacrifices.

“Things which cost no pains are slender gains.”

“It magnifies his mercy if we can bless and adore him when he takes as well as when he gives.”

10. Don’t waste your family.

“I desire to bless God for giving me, as one of His choicest gifts, my own dear, precious wife.”

“Mr. Spurgeon loved his wife with a tenderness and intensity of affection I have seldom known equaled friendships.”

11. Don’t waste your friendships.

“There was no man in London that loved Dwight L. Moody more than Charles Haddon Spurgeon.”

“[Spurgeon] loved to show his friends round his gardens and then sit in a summer house and converse with them, or occasionally play a game of bowls.”

12. Don’t waste your free time.

“The time that a man spends in necessary rest, he never reckons to be wasted, because he is refreshing and renovating himself for further exertion.”

“He would read books of the most abstruse character as a recreation, and in a single day would often master the general arguments of several works.”

13. Don’t waste your witness.

“I would not mind if I were condemned to live fifty years more and never allowed to speak but these five words: ‘Christ died for the ungodly.’”

“When a godly woman’s child dies, the infidel husband sees the mother’s faith. When the ship goes down, and is lost in the sea, the ungodly merchant understands the resignation of his fellow-man. When pangs shoot through our body, and ghastly death appears in view, people see the patience of the dying Christian.”


I hope you found these as motivating as I did! Remember to check out!

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