Have you ever felt discouraged in your Bible reading? I know for most people the answer to that question is, “Yes!” Why do we get discouraged while reading the book that reveals the Almighty God to us? One of the reasons I have found that causes discouragement in my Bible reading is that I don’t devote enough time to observe what the text actually says. I used to read a Bible passage as fast as I could in order to save me time and find an immediate application to my life. However, when I began to slow down while reading my Bible, I noticed details I never would have seen before. Let me tell you, this removed much of the discouragement I felt toward my Bible reading. It isn’t about reading more faster. It is far better to slow down and smell the roses.

John Piper has a helpful illustration pertaining to this very thing. “Keep Looking” exhorts the Bible reader to slow down and keep coming back to the Text.

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