As many of you have noticed, I have not been posting as much the last week or so. I usually post about three to four times a day, but right now is a busy time. My wife and I have found a new place to live and have been moving, which is a tedious process and time-consuming. Also, there is no internet at the new place yet! Hence, the lack of posts. On the plus side, I will be able to have an office at home now! This was not an option before. It will be wonderful to have a space to work from home when I need to do so!

So, I look forward to getting back on track in the blogosphere as early as next week, since the internet will not be installed at home until Friday…. This gives me plenty of time to read and will probably have a book review ready next week! I guess there is the silver lining.

Hopefully, I can start finding some awesome hymns again to post soon!


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