The glorious truth about the gospel is that it is not man-centered. Rather, the gospel is Christ-centered. The gospel transforms sinful mankind to look like the Savior, Jesus Christ! It takes away all glory of man and puts all the glory on the Savior. This Savior is King. Do you know him?

Watch this short video and ask yourself, “Is that my King? Or am I my own king?” I confess that I often believe the first question, but live as though it weren’t true. I exalt myself to the throne, but that is where Jesus must sit. So, I must continually humble myself and give the glory to Jesus Christ in all areas of my life. Why? Because that’s my King!

(Note: I don’t believe Jesus looked like Jim Caviezel from the Passion of the Christ, but the video is powerful nonetheless!)

2 thoughts on “That’s My King

  1. I hear you Jon… I, too, answer the first question and say yes, that’s my King, but often live like I am my own king. I can’t say that social media has helped us in this area… I think we are all quite guilty of advertising ourselves. Thankfully, the Lord knows our hearts and our weakness…and that is why He came. We are totally helpless without Him. That does not excuse us from modeling His humility and seeking to give Him all the glory, but I will say I am SO thankful for grace! As for Jim Caviezel, I don’t think that is what Jesus really looked like either. 🙂 As for the video… I love it! I heard another speaker try to duplicate it, but there was NO comparison!

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