The last hymn we looked at was on Thursday, Hymn of the Day: For All the Saints. Today’s “hymn” teaches much about the Christian life.

His Forever is a modern chorus song. Really, it is a modern hymn. The rhythm, the melody, and even the words feel hymn-like. This is another Sovereign Grace song. Once again, they do a marvelous job exalting Christ in a song of praise.

Stanza one speaks of the drawing cords of the love of Christ, which brings salvation. Stanza two speaks of the sacrifice Christ made to achieve for us salvation by taking our place on the cross. Then, stanza three speaks of the assurance that believers have in light of Christ’s redemption. Throughout each stanza, the theme of security is weaved. “For I am his and he is mine, Forever and forever.” “He took my place, my soul to save. Now I am is forever.” Phrases like that make my heart leap for joy that I am secure in Christ.

However, the last stanza has the most powerful words for this security:

“Not death nor life nor anything
Can ever separate me
O love that will not let me go
Yes, I am His forever”

Listen to this wonderful song and praise the Lord for the security of life he grants!


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