Yesterday’s hymn, Hymn of the Day: The Sands of Time Are Sinking and poem Last Words: A Poem, garnered quite a bit of interest and enjoyment. So, if you missed those feel free to view them and enjoy!

Today, we look at a classic hymn, More Love to Thee, O Christ.

“In 1856, Elizabeth Prentiss was going through a time of intense suffering, and hurriedly wrote this hymn as a prayer expressing her devotion to Christ. However, she did not show it to anyone until 1869, when it was completed and published as a leaflet. It became quite popular, and was included in William Doane’s Songs of Devotion for Christian Associations in 1870.

There are four stanzas, and most hymnals include all of them, though a few omit the third (“Let sorrow do its work”). Each of the stanzas relates to a step in the Christian experience. The first stanza is about the prayer of submission to Christ. The second looks back on the pleasure-seeking life before one turns to Christ, while the third welcomes the effective, yet painful process of sanctification. The final stanza looks forward to the day when the Christian shall see Jesus face to face.” –

If you love Fernando Ortega’s music you will enjoy his performance of this hymn!

to thee o christ.jpg

3 thoughts on “Hymn of the Day: More Love to Thee, O Christ

  1. Omg. I know Fernando. I want Give me Jesus played at my memorial. He is an incredibly humble man. He played at my kids grandfathers church in Spokane. I have his album. Ruth Bell Graham had that same song played and he was the one who sang it. Can you imagine. No greater words for going home to me meet your maker, and see Jesus’s face!! Love Fernando!!

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