I guess I didn’t take as many pictures as I had thought from my trip to Arizona. My wife must have been the one to do all the camera work….

But, here are a few pictures that I did snap on my small adventure.



The wide open plains of Kansas on the way down



The mountains outside our hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico



Our “hotel” in Santa Fe. It was actually a resort that we spent one night before arriving in Arizona



The same mountains of Santa Fe, but in the morning



Upon arriving at the house we rented in Arizona, I was excited to see there was a golf course in our backyard! (Yes, I did play it!)


The mountains a block away from our rented house!


More mountains


Even more mountains



“I want to see mountains, Gandalf! Mountains!”

At this point, I realize that I took very little photographic evidence and spent more time experiencing the amazing weather (100 degrees or more every day) and finding time to relax!

Here are some pictures of the return journey to Minnesota.



Sunset in Tucumcari, New Mexico


Not as clear as the picture above, but still pretty

And no trip is complete without a picture of some of the food you ate. Since we went through Kansas City, you have to have barbecue there. So, we stopped at Jackstack BBQ and I ordered BBQ Chicken, Lamb ribs, and beef brisket (I split the plate with my wife).


There you have it! Evidence I went on a trip, but not enough evidence to prove how relaxed I was! I was just starting to get used to the break, but now it is time to get back to the daily grind. I hope to find my rhythm at work soon!










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