After a lot of driving, sleeping, relaxation, sun, golfing, family, card games, more golfing, more sun, and a whole lot more driving I am finally back in Minnesota after a nice vacation in Arizona! We didn’t do a whole lot of running around down there, but instead rested in the pool and tanned a bunch! We made many memories that I am sure will be brought up at other family events in the years to come.

I took a few pictures on this trip and will compile the decent ones to share with you later! I finished two books on my journey. One of them I will write a review on and the other was an audio book so I will not write a review on that book! So, look forward to another book review by the time Friday rolls around.

I am getting caught up on all the mail I missed, emails, and various other things that need to be tended to today. On top of this, I have two sermons I must prepare and a research paper due at the end of the month! Work rests for no man….

Thank you to all who stopped by my site whilst I was gone! I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had many visitors and that I have surpassed the 100 follower mark! I really am grateful and did not expect to have such a large viewership! So, once again, thank you to all and I look forward to catching up on all of the posts I have missed reading!



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