This hymn is probably one you haven’t sung in church, maybe. I have sung the original hymn, but not the Indelible Grace version so I will share both with you today!

Here is what Tim Challies has to say concerning the background of this hymn:

“The Rev. Samuel John Stone was well aware of the effectiveness of singing when he wrote and published Lyra Fidelium in 1866. As a curate in the small town of Windsor, England, he was aware of his parishoners’ habit of using the Apostles’ Creed in their private prayers. But he was concerned that many of them did not grasp the meaning of what they said. The prose felt too academic, disconnected from the average worshipper, and lacking a devotional spirit.

It was in this context that he wrote Lyra Fidelium, which consisted of twelve hymns, one for each article of the Apostles’ Creed. With each hymn he included a short “summary of truths confessed” in that article, along with a list of the Scripture passages supporting it. “The Church’s One Foundation” was the hymn he wrote for article 9 of the Creed, which affirms belief in “the holy catholic church” and “the communion of saints.””

Read more here:

The Indelible Grace version:

The original hymn:


the church's one foundation.jpeg

2 thoughts on “Hymn of the Day: The Church’s One Foundation

  1. Love both of these! I grew up with the older version, and have also enjoyed the updated versions of old hymns. The stories behind them are amazing, such as “It Is Well With My Soul”. The theology is fantastic.

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