I am temporarily pausing my series Who Is He? for a couple of reasons. The first is that I preach this Sunday and am still preparing my message! So, I need time for that without getting too sucked into other matters. The second reason I am pausing the series is because I have a lot of reading for one of my classes coming up. I will be beginning a week long class that will be cramming in all the credit hours required for completing that course in the span of 5 days. That means from about 7 a.m. central time to 5 p.m. I will be in class! There are about 1,000 pages of reading (Yes, really! Maybe even more than that!) due that Monday, so I’d like to get some reading done too!

With that being said I will actually give you a couple of pictures I took while down in Dubuque, Iowa for my wife’s graduation!

First, I want to congratulate my wife for a stellar performance at Emmaus Bible College. She graduated back in December, but with Emmaus being so small she had to wait until May to walk across the stage! She received her Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies and graduated with honors (magna cum laude). Although she tells me all the time that I am the smart one when it comes to theology, she certainly does a better job within the educational system than I do!

If this picture doesn’t describe her personality I don’t know what does!


The rest of the day was very pleasent. The weather was perfect all weekend! We used to live in Dubuque, but moved back to Minnesota last fall so our family rented a loft to stay the weekend in. The loft was right on the Mississippi River! We were able to walk anywhere we wanted to go!

Here are a few pictures that I was able to snap.

You know how when you look at the moon and think it looks so big, but when you take a picture it looks about the size of a pin? Yeah, that was how I felt with this picture. This is the top of the Government Building right outside our bedroom window, but it looked so much bigger than this! At night it is lit up so it is stunning to view!


Here is the Clock Tower in downtown Dubuque.

The thirteen-ton “tower” was brought to the current site Friday, February 12, 1971, where it was bolted to


the four-column concrete pedestal. The four “faces” of the clock, weighing nine tons, were put into place on February 16 followed by the cupola weighing seven tons. The comple

tely assembled clock stands about 110 feet, two feet taller than it did at its former location at 825 Main Street when it stood 108 feet above street level on a three-story building.





Another place we walked to was the Fenelon Place Elevator. Now, I have rode (ridden?)  in this “elevator” before and it was stunning then, but the second time was even more stunning!

Here is some history on the elevator. It is actually the world’s shortest, steepest railway! If you want to read the interesting story of the man who built it because he wanted a faster way home for lunch you can click this link here: http://www.fenelonplaceelevator.com/history/

(These two pictures of the elevator were not taken by me! I forgot to take pictures of the actual thing!)




Here are some pictures I took at the top!




Well, that’s all I have for this morning! So, carry on with your day!

2 thoughts on “Last Weekend

  1. You two were made for each other. It sounds as though each of your talents compliments the others. Dig deep into those scripture and let God use you as His instrument this weekend. You know you aren’t required to do it all!

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  2. I look back on my life and remember that I never wanted to get married. I thought that I’d never find a woman that could compliment me in the way I needed. Boy, was I wrong! God placed a woman in my life that shook the foundations of my life and turned it upside down. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

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