I am going to throw everyone out of whack today by not posting my Who Is He? article first! Mostly because I will not be in my office until noon or later due to a meeting. So, I thought I would share books that I received for free!

Yes, free books! What is better than that? Ok, salvation, eternal life, etc….

How did I come by free books you ask? Well, I won them! Four books. Four books for free. Four books that I won for free! So, how did I win them? I have no clue.

All I know is that Tim Challies over on his blog site challies.com does a post every Friday called Free Stuff Fridays. You click on the post. Read what the free stuff is and if you want a chance to win it you enter your first name and email. Then you wait. I have entered my name into the drawing for about a year off and on. Two weeks ago I entered and didn’t really even look at what I was entering to win. I knew it was books. That was all I needed to enter! Usually, I never win any sort of drawing. But, come Monday, Tim Challies emailed me and said I’d won! I quick went back to the Free Stuff Fridays post to check what I’d won. It was four books from one of my favorite publishers! Banner of Truth.

This is how I felt when I received the package in the mail yesterday!



So, here are the books I won, if you are curious.

The Way to True Peace and Rest by Robert Bruce (Puritan Paperback to add to my collection)


The Crook in the Lot by Thomas Boston (Another Puritan Paperback to add to my collection)


Steps Towards Heaven by J.C. Ryle


Learning about the Old Testament by Allan Harman



Overall, I am pretty pleased with my winnings! I love the Puritans, so reading the Puritan Paperbacks will be fun! J.C. Ryle is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors and I cannot wait to read this small work! Then, there is the last book, Learning about the Old Testament, which looks like a brief introduction to the first 39 books of the Bible. I am sure this book will come in handy in the years of ministry ahead of me!

Well, that was my “major award”! Might not seem so major to you, but to a young man who loves his books, this is one of the greatest things that could happen!

For those of you who look forward to reading my Who Is He? series in the morning, I apologize, I know you are just devastated. You can expect that post to come later in the afternoon!

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