I am on a Sovereign Grace kick right now, so the “hymns” this week are not actually hymns… However, they are good, solid worship songs! Yesterday’s “hymn” was: Hymn of the Day: Lamb of God, which is probably one of my favorite newer songs for worship.

Today’s Hymn of the Day is another Sovereign Grace song. Again, this song is from one of their newer albums: Sooner Count the Stars. The Hymn of the Day today has the same title as the album!

Our church introduced this song into our worship cycle probably two months ago, so our congregation is still learning it! The tune has a sort of Country music feel to it, which makes it catchy and easy to learn. The words are meant to shift our focus on how unfathomable the ways of God are. “I could sooner count the stars than number all your ways”, “I could sooner drink the seas than fathom all your love”, “I could sooner turn back time than turn your heart away”, these phrases kick off each stanza and are great pictures into how infinite our God is and how he is really worthy of all praise! The chorus to this song is probably the most catchy chorus I can think of off the top of my head!

“No praise is high enough, no thanks is deep enough, no life is long enough, to tell of all You’ve done. No shout is loud enough, no words are strong enough, no song is sweet enough to sing Your love.”

Don’t be surprised if you begin to hum it for the next month… Unless that is just me…

Anywho, take a listen to the video and a gander at the sheet music!


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