I apologize for not posting anything Saturday or Sunday, so if you, for some reason depend on me posting, which I doubt you do, I hope you survived 🙂

Anyways, Friday’s hymn is here if you missed that: Hymn of the Day: O for a Thousand Tongues

Today’s “hymn” is once again a modern chorus by Sovereign Grace Music. Lamb of God is a newer song that is from SGM’s new album “Sooner Count the Stars”. In light of what new series I have started entitled Who Is He?, I thought this song was extremely relevant. My church has sung this song several times this year and it really seems to move the whole congregation each time we sing it! Not that we depend on an emotional high to have meaningful worship, but this song certainly moves our praise to God to be full of strong passion. The words in this song provide a vivid image to the identity of Christ Jesus!

I might just be posting songs from this new album all week because this album is amazing! If you want to hear the other songs on this new album you can either wait for me to post them this week for the Hymn of the Day or you can just youtube it!

Here is the acoustic version of this song:

Lamb of God

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