Warning: This post is well over 2,000 words (if you are counting the article attached), so read at your own pace when you have the time.

We’ve made it folks! This is the final chapter in the Who Am I? series. I must say that I never intended for this series to be 23 posts long, but people responded well to it! If you are longing to read the other posts in this long series here is the table of contents link: Who Am I? Table of Contents

With that let me go into the last chapter in this series, but certainly, more could be said about our identity in Christ.

Really I could just summarize all the previous 22 posts in this series to explain what it means to be in Christ and that would help us understand what all this means, but let me go a different route. Allow me to have John R.W. Stott explain what being in Christ means! My words could be many on this subject, but his words are better. I have the article listed below, but if you do not want to strain your eyes here is the pdf file to read at a larger size! In Christ: The Meaning and Implications of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

There are several key points to Stott’s article. One point is that being in Christ gives a person fulfillment. All people search for fulfillment in many different things, but only Christ satisfies. In Christ, we can experience unity with fellow human beings. The world always promotes unity, but it is not as fulfilling or as effective as those who are in Christ. Lastly, only in Christ can each person experience true lasting transformation. We ourselves transform from an old-self to a new-self and the world can be transformed through the power of Christ working in us.

I hope you enjoy this article from the C.S. Lewis Institute as much as I did. I also hope you have enjoyed this series! I plan on starting a new series next week entitled: Who Is He? I won’t give too much away, but it will be focusing on who Christ is! God bless!

InChrist pg 1.jpg

InChrist page 2

InChrist pg 3

InChrist pg 4

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