The author of this hymn, Henry Francis Lyte, was an Anglican priest and vicar of All Saints Church in Brixham, England. He was also a published poet and accomplished hymn writer who also penned “Abide With Me”, which I have posted before: Hymn of the Day: Abide With Me and “Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven.”. Tim Challies has a nice post on Henry Lyte and his hymn “Abide With Me” and you can read it here: Hymn Stories: Abide With Me.

Here is the link to yesterday’s contemporary hymn: Hymn of the Day: All Glory Be Forever

I have never, in my knowledge, sang this song in a worship service before. Certainly, I have sung Lyte’s other songs, but this one is new! The text is centered on the words of Christ in the Gospel’s commanding his followers to take up their crosses daily and follow him if they truly wish to follow Jesus.

Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken

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