In case you missed yesterday’s well-known hymn, here is the link: Hymn of the Day: Trust and Obey.

Today, I want to share a modern worship song, not an old hymn, but a newer song by Sovereign Grace Music. This song, All Glory Be Forever, was both written and composed by Jordan Kauflin. It is from SGM’s album of songs based on the Book of Romans. So, naturally, this song is Gospel-saturated.

Like most of Sovereign Grace songs, the first verse focuses on the nature of man. The natural man will not turn to God but toward sin. Natural man chooses to sin because they want what they want. All who are in Adam, everyone, is condemned by the law of God. Yet, where condemnation seemed to be the final word, the Righteous One of God appeared to bear the curse of sinful man. Jesus Christ removes the bonds of sin and death from us and we are raised to new life guiltless and righteous in the sight of God. Because of Christ’s death and resurrection, our future is fixed in Christ. We will not be separated from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus. Our assurance is true in Christ, our joy in this life is pure, and our hope in Christ is a confident hope. He will not let us go. He will finish what he started. We shall see him face to face.


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