When I first thought of doing this hymn for today I had no clue who the author was. But, of course, it is Fanny Crosby again! We could ask the question how many hymns she wrote, but maybe it is better to ask what hymns didn’t she write!

In case you missed yesterday’s hymn here it is: Hymn of the Day: Wonderful Words of Life

I won’t go into Fanny Crosby’s life story again, but remember she was blind! And yet, she still wrote hymns like today’s that give all the glory to God!

“This text is unique from Crosby’s other hymns because, rather than focus on our experience of God, the words are wholly about God and His perfect glory. In a sense, the hymn perfectly displaces us, removing us from the pedestal on which we so often place ourselves. This displacement is one of the great paradoxes of the Christian faith. It feels very natural for us to seek attention, approval, and our own glory. We like to be in control and present our own image to the world, an image we seek to improve through any means possible. On the other hand, there is great comfort in knowing that the image we try to make for ourselves doesn’t matter. We are made in the image of God, which means that whatever we do has to bring Him and Him alone glory. Our lives are wrapped up in God, and so too are the mistakes we make, the wounds we inflict, and all of our shortcomings. These are the things we try to avoid while we maintain control of our lives. But what a joy and a comfort to know that though these things may happen, because God is ultimately in control, and because our own image does not matter, God is still glorified. While we should still try to live a holy and upright life, we should do so to bring God glory, not ourselves. What a beautiful freedom that is.” – Hymnary.org

To God Be the Glory.png

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