Recently I purchased a new John Piper book. I made the purchase for the sole reason that it included a free Bible. The retail price for Piper’s book is $32.99 and the Bible that was included is worth $29.99. So, I bought Piper’s book and got a new Bible all for the low, low price of $24.99. That is a steal. Basically, I received a free Bible and Piper’s book was discounted for me. Or is it the other way around? Either way, I am pleased with the money spent.

However, with this purchase, I have run out of bookshelf space in my office at church for all my Bibles….. If you tallied all my Bibles up you would come up with 40+ Bibles in my office alone and more are at home! With the addition of the new Bible, I now need more shelf space. That truely is a good problem to have!

Overall, the ESV Bibles are the ones that take up the most space coming in at a whopping 13 Bibles (and counting)!


And in case you are wondering, I do use most of those 13 ESV Bibles regularly. I have preached from half of them and the other half are heavily used in my studies throughout the week. Maybe I could be a Crossway Salesmen with the number of Bibles I have purchased and use from them!

The other Bibles that take up my shelf space vary in translations. I have multiple NIV Bibles, NASB, KJV, NLT, NET, Greek Bibles, Latin Bibles, Hebrew Bibles, Spanish Bibles, a couple of German Bibles, a 4 Translations in One Bible, and the list goes on and on.

Why do I have so many Bibles? Because I enjoy God’s Word. Perhaps I have too many, but one day when someone walks into my office and they don’t have a Bible to read for themselves I will be ready with one for them. I have an attachment to several of my Bibles, but really I enjoy the different translations and the power of the written Word of God.

Even though my Bibles take up shelf space, they each have a use. The space used is not put to waste because of my vast number of Bibles. Rather, I see the problem as a blessing.

Also, it is an excuse to buy more bookshelves 🙂

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