As I have said already today, I am busy with sermon writing! I preach this evening at a church I have never been to, in front of people I have never met, and bring a message that is very familiar to most. My text will be John 10:1-21, The Good Shepherd discourse. So, since this topic is heavy on my mind, I thought that I would share today’s hymn that carries the same idea. If you missed yesterday’s: Hymn of the Day: Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

Surely this hymn was written with Psalm 23 in mind, but it also fits nicely with the overall message of John 10. The Savior provides his sheep with the abundant life. He guides them to graze on green pastures and fulfills their needs. He laid his life down on their behalf and took it back up again just as the Father commanded. His sheep are surely safe and secure in the arms of the Good Shepherd.


the king of love my shepherd is.jpeg


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