Today is the day after the crucifixion. Perhaps we could call this day Silent Saturday? But, this day was far from silent in the hearts and minds of those who followed Christ. No doubt there was much weeping, mourning, and inward battles going on inside of each disciple. Imagine the women who cared for Christ during his ministry! They were mentioned to be at the crucifixion by Matthew, Mark, and John. Jesus’ own mother was there as well! While the nails pierced the Savior’s hands and feet nails of fear, despair, and grief pierced Mary’s heart! Yesterday’s hymn, if you missed it, asked the question: Were you there? You can read that here: Hymn of the Day: Were You There?

Today’s hymn again will focus on the suffering Savior.

 This hymn is based on a poem written by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. The original poem had seven parts, with each part discussing various parts of Christ’s body as He suffered on the cross, His feet, knees, hands, side, breast, heart, and face. Our hymn text is only the seventh portion of the poem, and was originally entitled, “Salve Caput Cruentatum”.

There are a couple of variations of the words in different hymnals, but this is the one I have sung more often.

O sacred head

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