On Good Friday, this hymn should be running through your mind. Then, once you have this one stuck in your head, go back to yesterday’s and have that one run through your thoughts as well! Hymn of the Day: In Christ Alone

The author of this great hymn is unknown. Yet, the background has a moving effect. “Were You There?” was originally an African-American spiritual song. It was believed to have been sung before 1865, so during the time of slavery, this song could likely have been sung by slaves while they worked. I cannot fathom what slaves went through during this time, but imagine them singing altogether of the Savior that frees slaves of sin and grants them true freedom!

Was I there when they crucified my Lord? Yes, I was the one standing by mocking and yelling, “Crucify Him!” Was I there when they nailed my Lord to the tree? Yes, I was the one holding the hammer to nail him to the cross. I was the thief on the cross beside Jesus who repented. I was the Centurion who said, “Truly, this man was the Son of God!” Was I there when they laid him in the tomb? Yes, I was weeping with the women laying him in his grave, mourning the loss of the Messiah. Was I there when he rose up from the grave? Why, Yes! I was! I was raised to new life with him! I heard him call my name like Mary did and all was made well! My Savior is not dead, he is alive!

Where you there 2.jpeg


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