Since it is Sunday, I think a quote about corporate worship is very timely. How was your worship with a gathered body of believers? Whatever size your church is I would hope that it was worship focused on Christ! Sometimes our week leading up to Sunday has been a bad one. Whether sin seemed to get the better of you this last week, or your life was on cruise control with little thought of Christ, or you had a great week of seeing God working and giving him all the glory for the good week this quote is for all of us!

“Corporate worship is designed to rescue us from our gospel amnesia and root our identity once again in the person and work of Jesus.” -Paul David Tripp


4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Corporate Worship

  1. We recently moved to a smaller church and a more intimate setting for developing friendships and encouragement for others. We feel so comfortable here, even though many of our members are older and ill. There is still much to do, even when we get old, to build our church families up. Sunday is a great day to do that, but then so is the rest of the week.

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  2. I agree! I was invited to preach at another church yesterday. It was the third time I had been invited to preach there. This church probably only has 20-30 members who attend, but they are the most faithful and kind hearted souls! It is so encouraging to be with them when I can. They seem to get the concept of the local church being “family.” Not only are they around each other on Sundays, but most days they are in some sort of contact with each other; praying for each other, caring for one another, sharing the gospel with each other, and looking to the Word to guide them to Christ. It is amazing! I hope you are seeing God work in you and the congregation you have recently moved to!


  3. We are loving it. Not only do we have friends from the past there, but our daughter and granddaughter are going to. God has richly blessed us through this move. We were also blessed in our old church, but it was about five times as big so the intimacy wasn’t there.

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