Helen Howarth Lemmel wrote this precious hymn, Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus, after picking up a tract that a missionary gave her. She was struck by the words that were in the tract. These words said, “So then, turn your eyes upon Him [Christ]. Look full into His face and you will find that the things of earth will acquire a strange new dimness.” From there she put those words into song. She would compose about 500 hymns in her lifetime, but this hymn is one of her most well known.

Do you want peace in your life? Not peace from the outside forces raiding you, but inward peace of mind, soul, and heart! Turn your gaze to Christ. Do you want freedom from the grip of sin and its forces? Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Do you want something to trust that will never fail you? His Word will not fail- he promised! Believe him and all will be well with your soul! Therefore, go out and preach to a world that is suffering, dying, and held captive by sin his plan of salvation! Turn your eyes to the Savior and the things of this world will seem dim and worthless compared to the light of his glory and grace!

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And this song also goes well with the theme of trusting in Christ for peace/assurance: Hymn of the Day: It is Well With My Soul

Turn Your Eyes upon Jes


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