Here is the link to yesterday’s Hymn of the Day: Hymn of the Day: Holy, Holy, Holy.

The author of this famous title is Fanny Crosby. “When she was just six weeks old, she caught a cold.  Her eyes became very inflamed, and in a desperate measure to heal her, a country doctor put a mustard poultice on her eyes.  She immediately lost her sight.  Fanny was taken to Dr. Valentine Mott, a famous New York surgeon, but he could do nothing to help her.  Dr. Mott pitied the poor girl and her widowed mother, and after they left his office, it is recorded that the doctor sorrowfully said “Poor little blind girl!”  But Fanny Crosby turned her affliction into an asset.  In her later years, she considered her blindness to be a blessing.”( The rest of her life she ended up writing beautiful music, including Blessed Assurance. This hymn was composed on a whim. As Fanny sat listening to a friend play a new tune her friend asked what Fanny thought the tune said. Fanny responded, “Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!”

“From the very day she wrote them, Crosby’s words have provided comfort for millions of Christians in the face of fear, persecution, sorrow, and doubt. In spite of all the trials that may come, we know that we serve a Savior who came to bring the Kingdom of God on earth, and as we serve Him, we participate in, and belong to, that Kingdom. We each play our own part in that “glorious foretaste” of what is still to come. We belong to Christ and his Kingdom – what an assurance this is!”

Blessed assurance

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