In case you missed yesterday’s Hymn of the Day here is the link: Hymn of the Day: How Firm a Foundation

“There is a legend that Augustus Toplady was inspired to write this hymn after finding shelter from a thunderstorm in a cleft in a rock at Burrington Combe in Somerset, England in 1776. While evidence to support that story is lacking, it does provide a vivid image through which to understand the hymn. Christ and His redemptive work on the cross are like that cleft in the rock, where we can find shelter from the deluge of sin’s guilt and power.”

See in stanza one the redemption found in the True Rock, Jesus Christ. In stanza two see how the labors that man does is not enough to atone for sin. The third stanza declares dependence on the Savior and His work alone cleanses sin. The final stanza looks forward to that day when we will see Christ face to face.

Rock of Ages hymn.png

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