I enjoy a good book. In fact, I enjoy a library of good books! As a young man entering into ministry books catch my eye. Old books. Dusty books. New books. Hard cover. Soft Cover. Large books. Short books. Books written long ago. Books written today. It doesn’t matter what the book looks like. I am working hard to grow my own theological library while I am young and have the time to soak up whatever I can.

I have endeavored to follow Tim Challies reading challenge this year by reading and completing, 52 books. I have compiled a list of these 52 books and have already knocked a few of them off as it is already mid-March!

I plan on uploading the list soon for your viewing pleasure. My hope is that if I can rub off some of my love for books onto you! Perhaps there will be books that you will see that you have read, want to read, or even books you’ve never heard of.

As LeVar Burton has said countless times on the T.V. show Reading Rainbow, “Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it.” Tolle Lege! Take up and read!

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