My thoughts and ideas seem to be rather sporadic throughout my day. One moment I am thinking of the sovereignty of God and the next moment I am dwelling on the attitude of my heart towards other people. In order to organize these thoughts, I am endeavoring to start a blog. I keep my own personal journal full of theological ideas so many posts will be about those things which I write down in my journal! As the “about” page already suggests, these thoughts are not concrete; meaning that I will change my position on these matters so that they will conform to what God’s Word teaches. That is my overall purpose, to grow in my knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ by conforming to His image.

With that said I would like to explain why this is my overall purpose for this blog. I have been preaching at the local church where I am an intern, through the 2nd Epistle of Peter. 2 Peter is an interesting book. Peter in this letter is writing a reminder to the believer. He has already written a previous letter, 1 Peter, and now is writing his last will and testament to the Christians in these local churches where the letter will be sent. Simeon Peter has a two-fold purpose in writing this reminder to the Christian. First, he writes to warn the believer of false teachers and their destructive heresies that are entering the Church from the world and are even arising from within local congregations. Secondly, he writes to encourage the believer to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

So, as I have been preaching through this letter I have received much encouragement to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ in several ways. First, to be grounded in the truth of God’s Word, so that when false teachers and their false teachings present themselves to me I will stand firm on the Solid Rock. Secondly, to reflect on the precious and very great promises presented to me in Christ. All Scripture points to Christ. The Old Testament anticipates the Messiah and the New Testament reveals this Messiah as Jesus, the Son of the Living God, who went to the cross to die for mankind’s sin. The rest of the New Testament focuses on the results of that work on the cross, namely the coming of the Son of Man in his Kingdom for his saints. And thirdly, I have been encouraged to be diligent to confirm my calling and election by conforming to the image of Christ. This is the goal of all Christians, to conform to Christ. We don’t do this by earning our salvation, for that is impossible. Only Christ’s work on the cross is sufficient to pay for sins and earn us eternal life. It is in light of the work already done for us that we, as Christians, must respond to. If you are in Christ don’t use his grace as license to live your best life now by being idle. Heed Paul’s warning in 1 Thessalonians and Peter’s warning here to be diligent now! Don’t put off glorifying God in your everyday life for glorifying yourself. This is not the call of the person in Christ. Our call is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. Do that by being diligent and conforming to His Son.

Our call is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. Do that by being diligent and conforming to His Son. Christ earned you God’s favor, now live in light of His favor.

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